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08-13 March 2020 / Frankfurt, Germany / Hall 8.0 G69 & Hall 9.1 C60

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Easyfit – the perfect fit for lighting systems

Wireless and self-powered Easyfit LED lighting controls save energy, cut costs and are fast to install.

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Self-powered Wireless Standard 
for Smart Buildings

EnOcean is the energy harvesting wireless standard for building automation and smart homes.

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Energy Harvesting Wireless Technology

EnOcean is the inventor of  the patented energy harvesting wireless technology for use in building automation, smart home and Internet of Things. 

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Self-powered IoT Solutions for

Building Automation

Self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls cut installation cost and time, and enable efficient use of energy.

Smart Home

EnOcean makes a smart home smarter by increasing comfort and security.

Wireless LED Control

The Wireless LED controls standard with energy harvesting wireless switches & sensors, controllers and tools.


Energy harvesting wireless sensor nodes for industrial applications.

Our Technology

Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting wireless sensors harvest and manage the smallest amount of energy from their environment.


EnOcean uses wireless standards optimized for solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting.

Ultra-low Power

Energy management and highly efficient energy storage are key to wireless technology for battery-less wireless sensor solutions.

EnOcean Products for OEMs

Energy Converter

Energy converters collect and save the tiniest amounts of energy from their environment.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

Energy harvesting switches use kinetic energy for switching applications in buildings and the Internet of Things.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors

Solar-powered energy harvesting sensors monitor and sense the environment to transmit this data to a wireless node.


Wireless transceiver modules and products receive sensor data as well as transmit values to other devices.


Software, starter kits and development tools help OEMs to implement energy harvesting wireless modules and products easily.